Managing Driver’s Behaviour

Managing Driver’s Behaviour

Managing Driver's Behaviour

Who is it for?
Line managers who have a responsibility for managing the occupational road risk of people who drive for work. The line manager will generally be the person who directly manages the day to day work that the drivers carry out.

The workshop is designed to give line managers the knowledge and skills to effectively manage people who drive for work on a day to day basis. It enables the line manager to understand the influence and effect they have on safety culture and the drivers’ behaviour whilst at work.

This course is aimed at line managers to provide best practice advice and raise their awareness of the impact they have on driver behaviour.
  • Understanding of the importance of effective leadership to create an accident free culture
  • Understanding of why collisions occur
  • Understanding of the human factors that can cause drivers to crash
  • Understanding of costs, compliance and law
  • Target the importance of effective time management
  • Develop methods to reduce road risk and cost exposures

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Benefits to client
  • Improved compliance with the companies managing occupational road risk policy
  • Improved staff retention
  • Reduced incident costs
  • Consolidated of previous driver training
  • Smarter working
  • Reduced vehicle downtime

Class Size
Up to 12 delegates

8 hours, 9 am - 6pm

Training can be undertaken at AAS Academy Training Centre or at customers’ premises or at a mutually agreed location.