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Managing Occupational Road Risk Review

MORR™ Review – Managing Occupational Road Risks

The MORR™ review is the ideal starting point for businesses to identify and risks, assess current measures in place and receive recommendations for lower occupational road risks and costs.

MORR™ Review is recommended for all organisations who use vehicles as part of their day to day operations, and covers:

  • Current performance of your fleet
  • Creation of an appropriate vehicle safety policy
  • Resource requirement to implement the systems
  • Appropriate interventions to reduce risks
  • Vehicle selection and use
  • Operational efficiency
  • Accident and incident reporting procedures
  • Setting, measuring and monitoring standards

Desired Outcomes

  • Identify accident costs within the organisation
  • Identify and set the standard
  • Measure company’s performance against the standard
  • Provide the organisation with a detailed action plan


  • Call to enquire

Benefits to client

  • Improved compliance with the companies managing occupational road risk policy
  • Improved staff retention
  • Reduced incident costs
  • Identifies future training needs for staff
  • Reduced vehicle downtime


The review will be conducted at customers’ premises, with initial information gathering taken off-site prior to the visit. Analysis will be completed off-site following the visit.