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Safe Driving Workshop

What is Safe Driving Workshop?

Safe Driving Workshop comprises of modules which are vital to safe driving.

It comprises of Speed Awareness, Space Management and Environment Management which at each workshop, 2 modules will be delivered.

Speed Awareness: Understand the concept of speed and the consequences if you speed.  Participants will learn how to adjust their speed according to the road conditions.

Space Management: Understand and develop knowledge, appreciation and skills related to braking distance, following distance and stopping distance.

Environment Management: Understand the risk multipliers of different adverse environmental conditions

AAS Academy will be delivering the workshop via Zoom during Phase 2 of re-opening. No face to face workshop will be conducted at the moment.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

What is the duration of a Safe Driving Workshop?

Each workshop is 3 hours long and comprises of 2 modules.  After the workshop there would be a short assessment and question and answer session.

How much is the Safe Driving Workshop?

Course Fee is $85.60 inclusive of GST

You will receive a complimentary 1-year AA Ordinary membership upon successful participation.  The 1-year ordinary membership can added to your existing membership or transferred to another person (if you are a AA Life Member).