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How Can I Save Some Petrol Money?

Let’s face it, car ownership in Singapore is expensive to most Singaporeans.  On top of expensive car ownership, petrol prices in Singapore is not exactly cheap.

In fact, Singapore has one of the highest average price for petrol in the world according to Bloomberg.  (We are ranked #49 out of #61, with #61 paying the highest average petrol price).

But due to various reasons, some of us need a car and depend alot on it.

Most of us at some point of our car ownership will definitely think about the following question – ‘How Can I Save Some Petrol Money?’

For those who love driving their cars and want to save some petrol money can consider learning on eco-driving techniques.

Can you really save petrol money from applying eco-driving techniques?

The answer is YES! But only if you learn the right techniques and willing to apply it to your daily drive.

Introducing AAS Academy’s Eco-Driving Workshop

NOTE: Due to the on-going Covid-19 Outbreak in Singapore, AAS Academy will be conducting the workshop through webinar.  More information shall be released shortly.