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Crash Prevention Course

Crash Prevention Course

A highly interactive program that focuses on the consequences of unsafe driving behaviours and aims to reduce the number and severity of accidents.

Course outline

  • Address general road safety issues and issues specific to experienced drivers such as overconfidence
  • Why accidents happen
  • Managing your environment, vehicle, speed and safe distance
  • Managing your concentration and fatigue levels
  • Use of technology for vehicle safety

Diverse training resources are adopted and include:

  • Simulation software showing over 50 different driving situations and critical events that may lead to a vehicular crash
  • On-board camera videos of real-life crashes and near-misses
  • Compelling mini-documentary about a driver’s personal experience in a fatal crash
  • Short video clips on individual topics

What are the desired outcomes?

  • Raise driver risk awareness on the consequences of unsafe driving behaviours
  • Encourage self-observation and promote learning opportunities
  • Improve road safety best practices among commercial drivers
  • Reduce the number and severity of accidents

Who should attend?

  • For all new and experienced drivers and fleet supervisors / managers

What is the duration?

  • 8 hours (currently conducted via zoom)

What is the certification?

  • All participants will receive Certificate of Completion from AAS Academy & IRU on successful completion of workshop