1Who is this course for?
This course is suitable for all new and experienced drivers and supervisors/managers of fleet.
2What are the objectives of this course?
  • Raise driver risk awareness on the consequence of unsafe driving behaviours.
  • Encourage self-observation and the use of mistakes as learning opportunities.
  • Improve road safety best practices among commercial drivers.
  • Reduce the number and severity of accidents.
3What’s the duration of the course?
The duration of the course is 8 hours which can be done in one day or two half days.
4What’s the class size?
The recommended class size is 12 and the minimum number is 8.
5Where will the course be conducted?
Course can be conducted at our office located at 535 Kallang Bahru GB Point or at your premises.
6In what language is the course conducted in?
The main language used is English however our trainers are effectively bilingual in Chinese and Bahasa and will do a translation should the need arises.
7What are the topics covered in the course?
There are nine subject areas that will be covered: 1) Differences between professional drivers and car drivers 2) Why accidents happen? 3) Making the right choice about your vehicle 4) Making the right choice about your environment 5) Making the right choice about your speed 6) Making the right choice about your distance 7) Making the right choice about your attention level 8) Making the right choice about your fatigue level 9) The future of vehicle safety
8How is the course conducted?
The Crash Prevention Course is highly interactive with a focus on the consequences of unsafe driving behaviours.
Participants are engaged through the use of diverse training resources including:
  • Simulation software with over 50 driving situations of critical events
  • 17 on-board camera videos of real-life crashes and near-misses
  • A mini-documentary about a driver’s personal experience in a fatal crash
  • 7 short movies on individual topics
  • Quizzes that challenge driver misconceptions about road safety
  • Practical tips and handouts summarizing key points
9Is there any assessment?
Yes, there will be an assessment at the end of the course.
10Will participants receive a certificate?
Participants who complete all 9 modules and the assessment successfully will receive an internationally recognised certificate from IRU Academy and a Certificate of Completion from AAS Academy.
11Is there any government funding for the Crash Prevention Course?
Crash Prevention Course is eligible for Skillconnect Training Grant.
12How do I claim Training Grant for my workers who attend the Crash Prevention Course?
For more information on training grant and how to make a claim log on to

For more information about the course and/or to register for the course please contact us at academy@aas.com.sg | 63338811