1What does the Online Driver Training System do?
AAS Academy’s Online Driver Training System is a holistic training system whereby it assesses the risk level of the driver. It helps organisations and fleet managers to identify at risk drivers while driving at work and recommends appropriate training modules to address the areas of concern.
2Who is the system for?
The Online System is suitable for all drivers in any company or fleet
3How is the driver assessed?
The driver risk assessment consists of a series of multiple choice questions covering four areas:
  • Attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Concentration and Observation
  • Hazard Perception
There are a total of 12 questions per section. On completion of the assessment, the driver will be rated High, Medium or Low risk according to his answers to the questions.
4How long does it take to complete the Online Driver Risk Assessment?
It takes approximately 20 – 25 minutes to complete the Online Driver Risk Assessment.
5What kind of Online Driver Training Modules are available on the system?
The online training modules are in-depth topics addressing the four main areas covered in the assessment. For example, we have a module on Adverse Weather to address drivers who are weak at the Knowledge section of the assessment.
6How many modules does the driver need to complete?
Modules recommended are based on the driver’s profile. The maximum number of modules we recommend is 6. Low risk drivers though do not require further training; they may take the training modules if they wish to do so.
7When does the driver need to complete the training modules?
We recommend that the training modules be pulsed out to the driver on a regular basis e.g. once a month or every fortnight. This forms a continuous learning process for the driver and enhances the retention rate of the driver.
8Will the driver know if the questions were answered correctly?
Yes, after each question the driver is told whether they answered correctly, and given the correct answer and full explanation.
9How long is each training module?
Each training module is about 20 – 25 minutes long.
10How can I access the results of my driver?
Corporate clients will receive a generated report on the results of their drivers. This gives an overview of the driver risk status of their fleet and also the areas of development.
11Can the Online Training System be used with other forms of training?
Yes, we recommend integration of our in-class courses with our online training to form a comprehensive and holistic training package for your drivers.
12Can we have a trial or demo of the training system?
Yes, for a demo of the system please login to www.aasacademy.com.sg/demo. This is a shortened version of the full program. To request for a full trial, please contact aasacademy@aas.com.sg

For more information about the course and/or to register for the course please contact us at academy@aas.com.sg | 63338811