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About IRU
The IRU Academy is the world’s leading global professional road transport training organisation. With a network of 65 Associate Training Institutes in more than 46 countries, the Academy trains thousands of drivers and transport operators every year. The IRU Academy also develops campaign initiatives to raise awareness on certain issues, and train-the-trainer programmes to increase overall training capacity in the sector. To improve the efficiency, sustainability, effectiveness and accountability of the sector, the IRU Academy increases global standards in professional road transport training, and helps keep our roads safer. The IRU Academy is the only global body dedicated to road transport training

Statistics show that the crash severity and fatality crash involvement for commercial vehicles is much higher than cars. Hence, the Academy’s first task was to launch a training program targeted at commercial drivers to address the rising number of fatal crashes involving commercial vehicles. As we are aware, roads are shared by various types of vehicles as well as pedestrians. If we could reduce the number of fatality rate on the road, it will ultimately benefit all road users.

In May 2015, AAS Academy trainers undergone a train the trainer program conducted by IRU and was awarded the IRU Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) status making it the first and only IRU ATO in Southeast Asia. AAS Academy’s trainers have been accredited and qualified to deliver the Crash Prevention Course in Asia.

The Crash Prevention Course was selected because it has been designed and developed specially for commercial drivers. The purpose of this course is to increase risk awareness and encourage road safety best practices among commercial vehicle drivers to reduce the number of accidents and ultimately save lives.


About RoSPA
RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) is a British charity that aims to save lives and prevent life-changing injuries which occur as a result of accidents. RoSPA has been at the heart of accident prevention in the UK and around the world since its inception back in 1917.

RoSPA has enjoyed a long standing and well-established presence in the UK health and safety market for almost 100 years. Tapping on their expertise, more international organisations ranging from New Zealand to Canada, are calling upon the services of RoSPA, for Membership, health and safety awards, driving training, course accreditation and more.

In October 2016, the AAS Academy team of trainers attended a train-the-trainer course conducted by RoSPA and was officially approved by RoSPA to deliver driver safety training here in Singapore. The approval by RoSPA attests to the quality of training methods, materials and process that AAS Academy is capable of delivering.


About DriveTech
DriveTech (Formerly known as VVCR) is the global leader in Driver Safety Management. Through consultancy services, behavioural based interventions and accurate reporting, DriveTech helps clients to improve driver safety, reduce fleet costs and carbon footprint.

In January 2014, DriveTech was acquired by the British Automobile Association (AA) and became a division of the AA’s Driving Services operation.

DriveTech is an international organisation with a presence in over 50 countries and offers training and solutions in 30 languages. DriveTech provides comprehensive solutions in the field of road safety for businesses and organisations who have employees on the road driving for work.

DriveTech aims to increase driver safety and improvement of the environment through integrating latest developments and sustainable driving concepts in their training programmes.

As part of DriveTech's global driver safety management programmes, AAS Academy has recently been certified to deliver behavioural driver training to DriveTech clients in Singapore.